Action Aid condemns discrimination of women in workplace


Action Aid Nigeria  has condemned the discrimination of women in the society especially those in the workforce, while also calling for gender equality, fair wages and rewards for women in the workforce.

The Director of Programme, Action Aid Nigeria, Mrs. Tasallah Chibok, made this known at the 100 Person March for Women’s Labour, Decent Work and Gender Responsive Public Service Campaign in Abuja.

She disclosed that many women are being discriminated in the course of carrying out their day to day activities, especially those that engage in menials job.

“Many women are usually underpaid, compared to their male counterparts.Some of the  services provided by  the women include  providing of cement to builders at construction sites, street vendors, household jobs, and tilling of farmlands, they are not duly reconignized”.

 “We have women that are working especially in the sectors that are not regulated, the salaries are not fixed or regulated. They are usually paid lower remuneration .

We have examples of women that work in households, farms, construction agencies by providing cement to the builders, and they get paid lesser than the men even though they do equal work”.

Mrs. Chibok urged the Nigerian government to ensure a regulatory system that will combat the burden of women in the work force and also provide public services to women  so as to enable them chase their dreams.

“We are saying that we want the government to recognize what we are doing and also provide public services like child care services.

Whatever work women are doing, they should be paid equal with their male counterpart,  because they are providing the same services. That way we can take care of other needs, we can also rest and bu

The Communication Coordinator, Action Aid Nigeria, Ms. Nihinlola. Ayanda while speaking on the theme; Fair’s fair noted that the campaign is aimed at promoting fair wages and reward for women.

She therefore solicited for an environment where the health and safety of the women folk is guaranteed, especially those in the informal sector .

She further disclosed that women take it  upon themselves the huge burden of caring for elderly relatives, children and domestic chores in the home.

They are usually  prevented from entering the work force which makes their economy security, non – existent and this has to stop.

Similarly, she said that most women in the informal sectors and industries are sometimes sexually harassed, denied of their wages, and underpaid than their male counterparts 

 “Many industries, where women make up most of the workforce, are populated by profit driven companies, who pay the lowest wages and have the worst records for work place protection.

“Women working in the informal sector such as strret vendors, domestic workers, women in construction and home based workers receive little or no employment benefits at all and are even more susceptible to violence by a whole range of actors. Women in these sectors are workers and their right must be guaranteed.”

Ayanda further hinted that there are reported cases of workers being denied minimum wage, maternity or sick pay, injury insurance and compensation, and also 

being prevented from forming .

Furthermore, she also enjoined the federal and state governments of Nigeria to swing into action to protect and guarantee the labour law and women rights in all sector.

Action Aid Nigeria  noted that the duo of federal and state government need to ensure women workers in the public, private and the informal sector have the protections guaranteed  under labour laws. They must regulate, enforce and punish all employers who violate labour laws and women rights.


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