11 States yet to implement the Child Right Act


A Child Protection Specialist has called for the domestication of the Child Right Acts in Nigeria, while urging all states that are yet to do so to act  accordingly.

Sharon Oladiji, UNICEF  Child Protection Specialist made the disclosure at a two day media dialogue with journalist on the Convention of the Right of the Child at 30 in Lagos.

She disclosed that 11 states in Nigeria are yet to domesticate the Child Rights Act, which are Sokoto,Kano,Zamfara,Kaduna,Jigawa,Katsina,Bauchi,Yobe,Borno,Adamawa and Gombe states.

Oladiji spoke about the need to improve the right of the children. Noting that early development of the child is crucial to its well being.

“The development from the womb goes a long way, what the child eat and feed on is very critical to their development.

If we do not take action on  the children who are out on the street,it will have a great repercussion on the development of the country.”

The Child Protection Specialist also emphasized  on the need to improve on the quality of living of children in the rural area.

“In African we do not care for the rural dwellers, they are usually not able to access much opportunities out there.

The amenities are  not  always still the same,there is need to improve the basic way of live of the populace.”

She added that investing in children and women is paramount to the growth of the country.

“We have a situation where children are now mothers. When you do not invest into the girls,they will,not be able to add value to their lives.

We cannot talk about the convention of the child right ,without talking about their protection”.

She further added that investing and prioritizing girl’s education will be imperative to build a better nation. While noting poverty of the mind is affecting the growth of the Nigerian child.

According to her children are not being taught to realize their innate potentials from early childhood.

“There is need to teach the children on providing solutions to the challenges going on in the society .

Teachers  need to begin to inculcate into the young ones to develop their entrepreneurial skills, and not depend on white collar job all the time”.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations by its resolution of 20th November, 1989  which has the same meaning for people in all parts of the world. While laying down common standards, the Convention takes into account the different cultural, social economic and political realities of individual States so that each state may seek its own means to implement the rights common to all.


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