Be impartial to all parties and Contestant -NLC to INEC


The Nigeria Labour Congress is urging INEC to be fair, impartial and just to all parties and contestants.

The NLC President, Comrade Ayuba Wabba made the disclosure in a statement.

In the same vein, he also appealled to politicians to refrain from frivolous allegations, inflammatory statements or unsubstantiated comments.   

He also urged security personnel  to be civil but firm, and  be guided by the rules of engagement, especially the well-worn ground rules of military-civilian relations in tense or anxious moments. 

“The professionalism, patience and impartial conduct will substantially reflect on the outcome. Mr President’s comment to deal summarily with ballot snatchers or arsonists is not a license to kill.  It is intended to deter trouble makers. We insist on strong institutions for the sustenance of our democracy.”

Wabba also 

He reinstated  the need  for INEC to conduct free, fair and credible elections and earn the confidence of the electorate.  

“If INEC conduct themselves transparently, there will be very little need to contest their results.  It similarly behoves on us to respect and accept the results or verdict. We  therefore urge politicians or  candidates while criticizing INEC to be careful so as not to destroy completely their image or credibility.”

He also commended Nigerians for mustering to vote after the last minute postponement of the presidential and National Assembly elections last Saturday. 

 “All candidates have potential to win or to lose. However, that decision rests not with the candidates but the electorate. It is  therefore infantile or naive for some candidates to assume they cannot lose.”

 Wabba also advised all Nigerians to be of good conduct during the elections.

“We urge all Nigerians to note that we are going to the poll and not war, and they should accordingly tone down the rhetoric or blood pressure. There must be losers and winners, and we do not need to rig to win or snatch ballot boxes or cause mayhem to be reckoned with.”

“The electorate who have defied all odds to perform the civic duty are reminded to vote according to their conscience and beliefs and not according to primordial or sectarian sentiments or emergency seductions. We at the Nigerian Labour Congress believe that the citizens cannot complain afterward  if they do not vote or vote wrongly.”


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