CODE launches real time situation technology for 2019 elections


As part of measures  geared towards ensuring transparency and accountability during the forthcoming general elections, Connected Development has launched a real time (Web based Map) situation technology called Uzabe, which will observe and report the presidential and gubernatorial elections, as it is happening.

The Head of Missions Observer for the 2019 elections, and the Chief Executive Officer of CODE, Hamzat Lawal disclosed that Uzabe is an open situation awareness room used for gathering real time security intelligence and observing the electoral process.

He said the organization is mobilizing over 5,000 young people to monitor the elections,  with another 1000 observers  from Silver Lining initiative ,making it a total of 6000 observers.

Speaking with journalist at a press briefing in Abuja, he noted that the Uzabe mapping tool will establish early warning systems for communities and voters, as well as strengthen mitigation and emergency response during elections.

He emphasized that the technology platform will enable Nigerian citizens to give situation and i witness report from all polling units across the country.

“The Uzabe technology tool is a means of protecting democracy. Our intention is to provide real time reports on security intelligence that would strengthen fair electoral practices.

Based on our previous experiences from covering past elections, we have noticed that issues that triggers elections are usually before elections. We are therefore appealing to Nigerians to maintain peace during the election period.”

Hauwa Hadejia of Silver Lining initiative called on all Nigerians to deviate from spreading  fake news that may cause chaos in the country”

The group is urging all the citizenry not to spread fake rumors and disseminate wrong information that may trigger the co existence of people in the country.

“We have engaged in partnership with Connected development based on its involvement in monitoring elections in time past.

Prior to this election, we have engaged in series of sensitization at the grassroot level.”

The Communication Lead, Connected Development, Kolo Kenneth said the organisation is working with Crosscheck Nigeria in order to fact check information on the social media platforms.

He also charged Nigerians to send information through #Uzabe or #Nigeriadecides2019 , or sms to disseminate  real time information.


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