Women group seek for peaceful elections in 2019


As the 2019 elections is fast approaching, women have been enjoined to deviate from violence during the electoral process.

Speaking at a women national rally on  violence free elections, the National Coordinator Women Situation room, Dr Joy Ada  Onyesoh, called on all women to stand for peace as the elections is getting near.

“We are saying No to vote buying and violence. We are calling on all parties to ensure that there is  peace during the election.

She also advised all the citizenry to wake up to their responsibility by collecting the PVC so as to enable them to vote on Election Day.

“We know that a lot of women lost their positions during the party primaries, we still don’t want them to be discouraged, but wait to contest in the next four years.

2023 is just round the corner ,and we will begin to strategize.”

Notable actress ,and human right activist, Dorothy Njemanze also charged  the women folk to vote for their conscience and not engage in vote buying .

“We want the women to use the PVC to count and make a strong statement by voting the right candidate. We want the process to be free and fair.

The  Cordinator of Women in Politics , Ebere Ifendu  also called on all Nigerian women to come out enmasse and vote.

While noting that there should be no display of violence during the forthcoming elections.

She disclosed that women are ready to participate in the election process.

“We want INEC,the security personnels, and government to guarantee peace during the period of the elections. There should be no fighting ,killing and maiming of citizens both during and after the elections.

The women need to be assured that they won’t be attacked when they come to vote .

At the same time, assurance should also be given that our children will not be used as thugs “.

The representative of the Market women association noted that,it is the women that are always marginalized during appointment procedure.

As women ,our power lies in the PVC, we should stop feeling unconcerned about the issue of the country, she added.

The Director of Centre for Democracy and Development, Idayat Hassan is urging Nigerian women to vote for the right candidate.

“We want all the political parties to do the right thing. We are also enjoining all members of the society not to engage in violence during the elections.

According to her, the percentage of the number of the women that registered for the  election is high, there is need for full participation.

“Come 2023, we want to see women taking strategic position during the  political process. We will start the involvement from now on, and not wait till the last minute.”


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