Regulate online Publications -Osinbajo


Yemi Ogunrinde

The Vice-President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo said there is need to regulate online publications in Nigeria.

He declared that online publication is in a very poor self regulated state as they have derailed from the fact checking news. 
He made the disclosure at the 3rd Annual New Media Conference in Abuja.

The Vice President stressed the importance of fact checking  news, so as to maintain credibility in the profession.
  “The new media which ought to be a responsible gatekeeper has derailed so much,  no importance is given to fact checking”
“It has now become enablers and amplifiers of unverified news. Online news may soon loose their credibility and that is a very dangerous situation”.
According to him, most of the online publishers have lose credibility with the populace. 
“They have also limited their productivity due to publications that are false and unverified thereby loosing credibility in the public space”.
He thereby advised online publishers and media managers to have a self-regulatory policy that will give opportunity for  the review of news stories.
“Necessary framework should be put in place to support local and international framework of preventing the misuse of the  interaction between online media practitioners.”
Also speaking at the event, the. Special Adviser to the President Nigerians Living in diaspora,  Mrs Abike Erewa  advised media practitioners to engage in investigative journalism. 
“There is need to dig deep, and verify information before  publishing. The major criteria for journalism practice in Nigeria has been neglected and has heightened fake news in Nigeria,” 
The President, OPAN Mr. Austin Ogannah  assured the public that fake news will reduced drastically as the election approaches. 
We will ensure credibility at its peak,  he added. 


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