Foundation to increase number of oncologist in Africa


Merck Foundation is in partnership with National Cancer Institute of Egypt to provide Master Degree in Medical Oncology for African Doctors
This initiative is a part of Merck Foundation’s ‘Merck Cancer Access Program’ that
has been initiated by the Merck Foundation to increase the limited number of oncologists across Africa
The Merck Foundation supports Africa through the partnership with Egypt, to build the Cancer Care Capacity in the African Continent; Through this partnership, Merck Foundation aims to provide two-year Medical Oncology Master Degree program for Africans.
​Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation ​strongly believe that building capacity by having trained Oncologists in each African countries is pivotal to development in the health sector .
“Lack of professional skills is the key challenge in Africa and developing countries.
We are pleased to announce our partnership with the National Cancer Institute, Egypt, which is considered as the benchmark of Cancer Care in Northern Africa and Middle East. “

He highlights that presently 5 students from Ghana, Namibia, Liberia and Rwanda, registered with the Master Degree program in Medical Oncology under Merck Cancer Access Program.
“We plan to expand this program to more African countries like, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Senegal, Uganda and Kenya. We believe that ​our partnership in Egypt will go a long way and together we can play a vital role in Africa.”
Prof. Abdel-Rahman Zekri, Vice Dean of National Cancer Institute said the collaboration in the field of academics will effectively enhance the capabilities to prevent, detect and treat the rising cases of cancer in the countries.

Prof. Dr. Hatem Ahmed Aboulkassem, Dean of National Cancer Institute emphasized that scarcity of trained healthcare personnel is capable of tackling prevention.
“Early diagnosis and management of cancer is a bigger challenge, and therefore, this partnership will prove to be very beneficial to many African countries.
Over 56 medical postgraduates will receive a one-year online diploma in diabetes or preventive cardiovascular medicines, as part of the effort to establish a platform of diabetes and hypertension experts in Africa and Asia”.


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