Foundation to support Education in rural communities


The Founder of Caleb Danladi Foundation, Mr Caleb Danladi has raised concern over the quality of Education in most rural part of the country.
He noted that access to Education has been an issue for most people living in the  rural community. 
“In some instances they have to trek for several hours before they access good school and this is usually a barrier”

The Founder of Caleb Danladi Foundation hinted that the difference between the quality of education in rural and urban schools remains an unresolved challenge. 
“Most societies are vulnerable, with factors such as poverty, hunger, and violence contributing to lower performance in rural schools”

“Several people have flocked out of rural towns to the big cities, drawn by the bright lights and the allure of better lives. Unfortunately, the same rings true for education.”

He also lament that lack of transportation is a great concern as some of the parent cannot afford transport fare to take their ward to school.

“The location of majority of rural schools is not within the reach of many families who wish to send their children to school”
Several times, we have come across pictures that are posted on social media showing children going to school while overcoming difficult conditions .
While it is all very encouraging, practically it is extremely hard to achieve good education without proper  means of transport .
The Founder, said as part of its social responsibility,  the group will kick-start  projects that will entail the building of infrastructures in rural area next year.
” The provision of necessary infrastructure in rural schools will also encourage students to attend classes”.
Danladi also explained that poverty has made some of the children to be earning money from a tender age. 
He noted that the organisation is passionate about reaching the most vulnerable persons in the society.
” We are passionate about improving the living standard of the less privilege in the society and raising funds. We have operated programs that focus on empowering widows, assisting orphans who need education and entrepreneurship skills to better their future.”
“We have been at the forefront during this yuletide period by providing wrappers to widows,and donating food items to orphans and vulnerable in the society”
Danladi said he will embark on a program to offer charitable and humanitarian assistance to  the elderly, physically challenged, poor children and victims of disaster, community and rural development.
“We will embark on a program to support child education, and campaign against child, and sexual in rural areas.”


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