Penalise perpetrators of Female Genital Mutilation


As part of measures of ending the medicalisation of Female Genital Mutilation, Stakeholders in the health sector has called for punitive measures for perpetrators of the act.

The group said that monitoring surveillance structure should be put in place at the community and society level to end Female Genital Mutilation.

While speaking at a workshop on curbing medicalisation of FGM in Abuja, Professor 

Oladosu Ojengbende of the Centre For Population and Reproductive Health, called on regulatory bodies in the health sectors to come up with stiff penalties for the perpetrators of FGM and those that support them.

“We are calling on the Medical and Dental  Council of Nigeria, Midwives and other regulatory bodies to fish out the perpetrators in the course of performing the FGM  act. We all have to be part of the grand movement to stop the medicalisation of FGM”

“There is no absolute reason why this part of the body should be cut at all. There is no justification for it. It is pure wickednesss on those performing the act. We will engage in more advocacy until it is totally eradicated”.

He also tasked the five states where FGM is prevalent which are ; Osun, Oyo,Ekiti, Imo, and Ebonyi states to keep sensitizing the populace, till the right result is achieved.

“With time , people will be prosecuted. We need to keep doing all within our power to make the necessary positive change in the society.Most times when they cut the women, and they are bleeding, they do not disclose who carried out the operation”.

In the same being , he called on journalist to keep talking about the FGM, until the perpetrators are being apprehended.

“The media practitioners should be at the forefront advocating to end Female genital mutilation. We need more people to speak about this act , we want more journalist to write and condemn the practice.

Dr Bello Oludare spoke on the need for stakeholders in the health sector to see Female Genital Mutilation as a very top agenda.

He harped on the need for synergy between the several agencies of the government in curbing the FGM practice.

“The health agencies and Parastatals such as NPHCDA,  UNFPA, FMOH,  and other sister agencies need to synergize both at the state and Federal level.

We will come together and curb the medicalization of FGM in different states of the country”.

He also urged Nigerians to speak up whenever they are having issues with Traditional birth attendant complying to stop the barbaric act. 

The President FIDA FCT chapter , Barrister Ikenga Ngozi stressed on the need for all states to operate the VAPP (Violence against Women and girls provision act.

She noted that Female Genital Mutilation is an an act which is a crime to humanity. 

“Often at times, we don’t like talking about it, and it is very detrimental to Health. When we continue to keep quiet about it, the situation begins to escalate “she noted.


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