Environmental Management will prevent Malaria -NMEP boss


The National  coordinator of Nigeria’s National Malaria Elimination Program (NMEP) Dr Audu Mohammed, has stressed the need for Nigerians to maintain high level of environmental sanitation in order to reduce the incidences of Malaria.

He charged Nigerians to adopt sanitation measures that will reduce the breeding of mosquitoes for the prevention of Malaria.

According to the NMEP boss, achieving elimination of malaria, requires both preventive and curative measures.

“Environmental management will reduce the abundance of all mosquitoes, as well as targeted malaria vector species. Good road systems with proper drainage systems will assist in reducing breeding sites of the vector”

“We need the intervention of the private sector towards improvement of the social infrastructure in the country.

It is important for organisations to ensure that high level of hygiene is maintained in work environment , where malaria vector cannot thrive”.

Audu also emphasized on the need for Nigerians to redouble efforts in eliminating malaria.

“While recognising that there are threats militating against the process of eliminating malaria. Nigeria need to make an appreciable impact in the malaria landscape. We need to ensure that the populace has increased access to malaria interventions on a geometric basis”

Audu noted that currently about 191 million Nigerians are estimated to be at the risk of the malaria disease.

“There is a great concern in the rising number of malaria cases in 2017, after a steady decline starting from 2013, with over 60 million cases till 2015, with about 53 million cases. Based on the 2018 World Malaria report by the World Health Organisation, estimated number of malaria cases has risen from 52.4 million in 2016 to 53.7 million in 2017”.

The Head, Integrated Vector Management (IVM) of the NMEP, Okolo Oyale, charged 

the media to advocate for government at all levels to invest in environmental management in the area of road and drainage construction, so as to reduce malaria disease.

He also harped on the need for proper management of waste , as well as the periodic evacuation of drains.

“Routine environmental sanitation, elimination of breeding sides, clearing of weeds around homes, proper management of domestic and industrial waste, periodic evacuation of drains, puncturing of cans and plastics before disposal and removal of unused tyres and other water receptacles amongst others, will help in the long run”he added.

Oyale also advised Nigerians to sleep inside the long lasting insecticidal nets every night to prevent themselves from Mosquitoes which can cause Malaria.


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