Government must stop incessant attack on Humanitarian organisation


*The Nigerian Government Must Stop the Incessant Attacks of Human Rights and Humanitarian Organisations* 

The stakeholders in the human rights community in Nigeria are concerned about the incessant attacks and criticisms of human rights and humanitarian organizations by the Nigerian Government and its security agencies, in particular, the Nigerian military and security services.

In a statement signed by 35 Civil society organization, the coalition condemned the attack.

The latest of such attacks has been the announcement of the ban of UNICEF, later rescinded and the call to close the Nigerian Office of Amnesty International Nigeria.

“We totally condemn threats and intimidation of UNICEF and Amnesty International Nigeria by the Nigerian military and security services, especially as even the Presidency has joined in the fray”

“The threats are always issued against Amnesty International Nigeria whenever it issues a report detailing credible allegations of human rights violations in Nigeria shows that the attacks are aimed at gagging the organization, undermining credible human rights reporting and covering up systemic violations of human rights.”

The group observed that all the threats and accusations against Amnesty International Nigeria by the Nigerian military and security services have consistently failed to present any empirical evidence that contradict the reports issued. 

“It is clear to all objective observers that Amnesty International Nigeria is doing a great job of documenting human rights violations in Nigeria and seeking to bring human rights violators to justice. The Nigerian military and security services should prioritize protecting Nigeria and Nigerians instead of throwing laughable accusations at international organizations providing vital lifesaving services to Nigerians.”

The work of Amnesty International Nigeria should be seen as guide for Nigerian government to initiate investigation of allegations of human rights violations. Throwing denials at allegations of human rights violations raised by Amnesty International Nigeria and other human rights and humanitarian agencies only puts the Nigerian military and security services into global ridicule.

In 2017, the Government established the Presidential Investigation Panel to investigate allegations of non-compliance with human rights obligations and Rules of engagement by the Nigerian Armed Forces in local conflicts and insurgency. This means that Government is aware that there are credible allegations of human rights violations by the military. The Panel submitted its report in February 2018 but there has been no report or white paper based on their findings. Rather than continue to harass Amnesty International Nigeria for investigating and reporting on alleged acts of human rights violations by the military, the President should start by revealing the findings of the Panel he had himself set up.

Despite the reflex of consistent attacks by the Nigerian government and its security agencies, the gravamen of the allegations by Amnesty International Nigeria have been largely upheld and corroborated by official investigations, including the Justice Biobele Georgewill Presidential Investigation Panel (PIP).  It is unfortunate that despite the pattern of serious and systematic human rights violations reported by non-governmental monitors and affirmed by official investigations, the Federal Government has failed for about three years to re-constitute the Governing Councils of Nigeria’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria (LACON) in order to give these bodies full standing capabilities to lead in promoting and protecting human rights in Nigeria. To show its seriousness about addressing the issues that Amnesty International Nigeria revealed in its report(s), Nigeria’s Federal Government should without further delay re-constitute the Governing Councils of both the NHRC and LACON  and fully fund both institutions to fulfill their mandates.

In addition, the latest attack against Amnesty International Nigeria corroborates the recent report by the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court that Nigerian authorities tend to deny any allegation of human rights violations by security agencies.       

Nigerian civil society stands with Amnesty International Nigeria and we urge Nigerian government to prioritize protecting the sanctity of the lives of Nigerians. 


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