Follow the money movement tracks over $100 Million


The Follow the money movement says it has tracked the sum of over  100 Million dollars in national and sub national government, in budgeted sum for contracts to provide urgent basic education, health care, water, sanitation, hygiene essential supplies, and infrastructure to rural communities.

The Founder Follow the Money, Hamzat Lawal said the group has been instrumental in providing marginalized and vulnerable communities with resources to amplify its  voices with independence and integrity.

Hamzat who was recently a guess of the African Union, at the African Youth Conference on Anti Corruption said the price of corruption means that millions of people will not have access to schools, health care services and basic infrastructure services.

He urged the young people to be at the forefront in curbing corruption at this point in time in the country, and the world at large.

“The youth has a strong role in driving attitudinal change. The onus lies on them to shift the culture away from corrupt practices, which is holding the continent back from development in all sector “.

The Team Lead Follow the money Gambia, Marr Nyang disclosed that the team has been able to track $8.1 M in her country.

He said the the group is currently advocating for President Amadou Bartow’s government to pass law that provides freedom of information to citizen to demand accountability of duty bearers.

“We have recorded success stories in the country. We are interested in making positive change in the country.

We have tracked funds coming from international donors.”

He also advised the youth to use the social media in advocating for positive change in the country.

“We utilize the social media to amplify the voices and need of the people. At the end of our advocacy. We give detailed information to the populace.

There is a team on ground that ensures that money is spent judiciously”.

The Team Lead, Follow the Money Kenya,  Evelyn Mathai stressed the need for Nigerians to vote wisely as the electioneering year is approaching.

  • “It is essential for the citizens to vote for credible people, and not engage in vote buying or selling. When we sell our voting right, we will have ourselves to blame at the end of the day”

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