Expert advocates for better health care service


The President, West African Academy of Public Health, Dr Francis Ohanyido has stressed the need for young people in the country to canvass for better health care services.

He made the disclosure at the Health Literacy and Leadership course in Abuja.

According to him, there is need for young people in the country to advocate for Universal Health care coverage, which will make health care affordable for all Nigerians.

He said Nigeria is far from Universal Health coverage ,and we need to put in measures to achieve the task.

“We need to work towards improving the sector. There is need for demand creation. The government should look at getting Health care covered for all the citizens, irrespective of their status in the society”

“The National Health insurance scheme should be able to serve all Nigerians. In a situation where people are sick ,they should be able to access good health care services.”

He urged the government to create fund that will enable state and local government to access grant, and be able to improve service delivery.

While speaking on the National Health insurance scheme ,he said people at the bottom of the society need to be captured.

“It is not all the citizens that can afford to pay for health care services. Majority of Nigerians cannot afford good medical care outside the shores of the country .

The Primary Health care systems has become redundant “

The Chief Oversight officer of Vaccine network, Mrs Chika Offor said accessibility to primary health care services is very essential in boosting the health sector.

“The youth have been left behind most times . This is the time to bring the youth on board, and show them their own role in developing the nation.

The average citizen should be able to access health care services without barrier.

We want the youth to advocate for good health care services as new leaders are coming up in 2019.”

She disclosed that the country has not faired well in terms of Universal Health coverage.

“The Basic Health Care provision fund will now be localised in six states of the federation. The Patient bill of Right is now a law.

It is now the turn of the youth to take the bold step to improve the health sector.”

She noted that the Basic Health Care Provision Fund has a hitch and more need to be done in this regards, but several efforts are in motion to make progress.

The Representative of HERFORN charged young people to use the social media platform to advocate for Universal Health Coverage.

“The youth should start using the various social media platforms to start advocating for better services. A lot of youth waste time doing irrelevant things and wasting their energy.

We need to start advocating for better health care services , as it affects all individual

The youth need to speak out regularly on this matter, We want young people to be passionate about Universal Health coverage.”

She spoke on the fact that the youth have to call the leaders to order such that the fund allocated for health will be dispensed appropriately.

“We need to start asking the legislatures the right questions .We need to start mandating the legislatures to do the right thing .The baton is now with the youth , we need to start seeking for positive change.”


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