Group enjoins Nigerian leaders to tackle corruption


The Founder of Follow the Money Movement, Hamzat Lawal is calling on Nigerian youths to make the government accountable to proposed projects in communities in curbing the corruption fight in the country.

This call was made by the Follow Money Group, at the Documentary screening of Human cost of corruption (Machina Story) in Abuja.

Speaking at the programme, Hamzat noted that the project is meant to showcase the need for individuals to help participate in the corruption fight.

Using the Machina community in the Northern  part of the country and the falied primary health care center project, which was not carried out despite the financial provision to accomplish the project. 

“The neglect of duty has led to the death of many members of the communities including pregnant women and children. The emphasize the need for every individual to involve the Government of the country, so as to promote transparency and check the Government activities”

Hamzat hinted that most times, human face has not been put into the level of corruption .

“The impact of the corruption and its effects are on the masses. We need to bring together young people and development actors to show case the effect and management of the disaster project”.

Speaking further,  he said the youth need to call for an end to the embezzlement of fund in the Machino community and its diverse effect on the society .

“As we go into the electioneering year, we need to initiate actions on the part of individuals. We need  to hold government accountable, and also ask how they intend to carry out intended project “

“We need to ask questions on how government is respecting and responding to the freedom of information process when  citizens ask for information and they are been given response in due time”.

He urged everyone as citizens of the country, to join hands together in fighting the menace called corruption in the society.

The follow money movement which was established in 2012 has been able to track so far 50billion naira since its inception.


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