Journalist seeks for an end to Impunity


On the occasion of the International day to End Impunity for crimes against Journalist , media practitioners all over the globe is calling for an end to impunity against journalist


The  DG of UNESCO in a speech to mark the day, said it is the responsibility of all citizen to ensure that crimes against journalist do not go unpunished .

The Journalist against Poverty Initiative also join the rest of the world to call for an end to violence against Journalist.

In Nigeria, several journalist have faced different kinds of intimidation and harassment, and some lost their lives in the course of carrying out their duties.

In 2012,  a reporter with Channels TV, Eneche Akogwu was gunned down by unidentified men in Kano State.

TUNDE Oladepo, a Senior Correspondent with Guardian Newspaper was murdered in 1998 by masked gunmen.

It is exactly a month that Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi Arabian journalist, was murdered and even up till now , no reasonable information is obtained about the killers.

At the justice for Kashoggi protest, Amadin Uyi, Plus TV Africa’s Abuja bureau chief was assaulted by CSP Bunu Idris during the protest.

It was organised by a group of journalist to demand for justice at the Saudi Arabia embassy in Abuja.

According to Amadin, “the protest was almost ending, and I was trying to establish shots of the security personnel that came to the venue. The Police officer saw me taking ppictures and hinted that I need to take permission before taken pictures”

“He asked for my mobile phone , and I refused to give  him. He then pushed me in my chest and rough handled me. When the protesters saw the ensuing drama, they turned back and intervened, and asked why he was demanding for my phone. He then pretended to. Be speaking with his colleagues , then I walked away”

The commemoration of International day to end impunity, is to ensure free speech and safe Journalism practice, while entrenching a culture of openness, transparency, accountability and free exchange of information in Africa.

“Reporting is not a crime. Together, let’s stand up for journalists, for truth and for justice.”  #TruthNeverDies #JournoSafe #EndImpunity


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