Action Aid reacts on 2019 Political Manifesto


As the 2019 general election is fast approaching, and political parties and their candidates releasing its blueprint, ActionAid Nigeria has condemned the policy document of the ruling party All Progressives Congress (APC) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

 ActionAid Nigeria, has drawn the attention of the political parties to some pertinent issues that may have negative implications on the lives of the citizens, and may likely result in the non-realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

 In a statement signed by the Communication Coordinator of Action Aid Nigeria, Lola Ayanda , the right body noted that  both APC and PDP policy documents have no clear plan on emergency preparedness; with communities across Nigeria still bearing the brunt of flooding and the number of internally displaced persons spiralling by the day.

Similarly, the organisation said that there are no plan for the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs).

“We have  over 25 million PWDs in Nigeria, with little or no priority on service provision and inclusion of PWDs in governance.

Action Aid Nigeria commends the plan to pay young doctors to work in rural communities.

“The effort may not yield much result without commensurate infrastructures, drugs, and other essential healthcare consumables. To achieve a sustainable healthcare for Nigeria’s growing population, the duo of human resources and quality infrastructure is key.”

She further stressed the need to strengthen the taxation system in Nigeria with the cardinal objective of making it more progressive.

 “We should create a situation whereby High Net Worth Individuals, and  companies are made to pay its fair share of tax. This action will lead to the redistribution of resources, enhanced domestic resources mobilisation to finance development objectives of the government “.

In view of the foregoing, the group called on government to invest more on essential public services like education, health and agriculture. 

“Evidences have shown that increased investment in the pro-poor sectors has strong impact on poverty and inequality reduction, while simultaneously creating employment potentials.

ActionAid Nigeria recommends that the candidates move a step forward from “What-to, to How.” 

“Having the policy documents are not sufficient. In the coming weeks, and during the presidential debate, ActionAid Nigeria demands that the candidates state in details to the electorates, how they want to deliver on these campaign promises with clear-cut bench marks that are time-bound.”


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